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Exercising More But Eating More

Weighed in this morning at 157 pounds.

Since my last post on January 31, I've gained four pounds, but I think it's mostly muscle. I've been working out in this fitness bootcamp for three months now, and I'm progressing well. And just a month ago I signed up at my local fitness center, and workout there about two-three times a week.

I'm getting to a point where I want to exercise everyday, and plan my days around it.

But because I exercise a lot, I get into this habit of eating and drinking more. I keep thinking I can eat more, because I work out more.

I'm also eating and drinking more because I'm going out more. I spend more time out of the house, going to restaurants, public events, and meeting people, and that somehow translates into consuming more calories. I used to stay home a lot, and that gave me better control of my diet. But going out more often makes it tough to control.

So recently I've been exercising more in an attempt to burn off those calories. I try to run 5+ miles either on treadmill or on ground. I lift more weights at the fitness center. I push myself harder at bootcamp.

I'm no longer trying to maintain 150 pounds; I realize that's impossible if I'm building more muscle. But I want to at least stay under 160 pounds. I still want to work on my belly, trim off some lingering fat on my sides, and flatten out the pooch.


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