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Cutting Back On Beer Drinking

Weighed in this morning at 159 pounds, up two from last Saturday.

After some thinking, I'm cutting down my beer consumption significantly. I realize over the past year my beer drinking has increased. It's to a point now that anytime I go out to eat, I look for a place with a good beer selection, and drink at least two. That is, my choices in dining are predicated on how good the beer is.

During my weight loss period, I would drink beer usually on weekends, whereas today it's five to six days a week. I want to get back to where its just weekends.

Beer is actually not that bad of an alcoholic drink in terms in weight loss efforts. It contains no fat and has very little sugar. Interestingly, beer gets a bad reputation, while wine is looked upon more favorably in social circles. Yet a typical 5oz glass of wine still contains more calories and alcohol than a 16oz glass of beer.

But as with anything, moderation is the key. In the past, my beer drinking was under moderation, but not recently. So, I'm making an commitment to get back to moderation.


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