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It's Getting Harder to Lose Weight

Weighed in this morning at 151 pounds, down one pound from last Tuesday.

I exercised all this week, Monday to Friday I jogged everyday on a 1.3 mile route, and I did some light weightlifting, along with sit-ups and push-ups. I kept my calorie intake to about 1,000 calories a day, eating mostly a whole-wheat tortilla and V8 juice for breakfast, about 4oz of jerky for lunch, and celery with salsa plus a can of V8 juice for dinner.

I notice it's getting harder to lose weight. Whereas before I would drop about 1-2 pounds a day doing exactly what I described above, it now takes about five days to drop the same amount. I assume I'm building up more muscle while I'm losing fat.

I'm getting more into making salsa. Last night I made some jalapeno tomatillo salsa. Tastes pretty good, but I can tell it's not "just right". So, I'm already eyeing a bigger food processor, and looking to try this again. There's actually lots of salsa to buy at my local grocery store, but I can't find any that's hot enough for me.

Today, being Saturday, I'm taking a break from exercising, and a break from my diet, and going out motorcycle riding. Sunday, I don't know what I'm doing, but most likely spending it with my wife. Maybe grill up some steaks. And then the next week, I'm back to my regular exercise and diet regimen.


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