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I'm Smelling Like Garlic

Weighed in this morning at 152 pounds. I'm down one pound from Sunday morning.

I continue to exercise. My jogging route has increased to 1.3 miles. My goal is 2.0 miles everyday. I think that's what I need to do to burn off the visceral fat. I'm also still doing some weightlifting, not very strenuous stuff though, mostly easier stuff, just enough to prevent muscle-loss, and remain slender.

I also took another step in the right direction, by getting rid of all my larger clothes. I had kept them all, thinking that someday I'll probably gain a lot of weight back. But I decided that's not the right attitude. So all I have left now are the clothes that fit me just right.

Oh, and over the weekend I made some habanero-lime salsa. It turned out really hot. I ended up using a lot of garlic, and now it's very garlicky. As of this morning, my wife says I still smell like garlic, and I still have a couple pints of that salsa left.


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