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Celery versus Tortilla Chips

Weighed in at 153 pounds this morning. Down one pound over the last week.

All last week I've done reasonably well to watch my calorie intake, particularly my sugar intake. Exercise has not been as frequent as it was the previous week, however. But interestingly enough, I managed to drop a pound.

My goal is to stay at 150 pounds.

It seems like I'm getting into salsa (the food, not the dance) more and more. I find myself at grocery stores examining the many brands that are available. I like stuff really hot.

I used to eat baked tortilla chips with salsa, but I'm actually finding celery stalks to be just as good or better in flavor. Well, tortilla chips by themselves don't have a lot of flavor to begin with, and neither does celery. So I think that's why the two work well with salsa.

But considering one full size stalk of celery contains only 10 calories, whereas 20 baked tortilla chips contains about 150 calories, and slightly more for regular tortilla chips, it's a lot better as a diet food.

So when snacking, I'll eat about 3 full size stalks of celery. Each stalk generates about 6-8 dips into salsa, that's roughly the same as what I would snack with tortilla chips.

The fiber content is pretty much the same between the two.


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