Thanksgiving Day Diet Massacre

Weighed in this morning at 153 pounds, up another pound from my last post on Tuesday.

That makes a total of three pounds I gained this week, after falling to my target weight of 150 back on Nov 17th. Thanksgiving started on Wednesday, Nov 24th for me when my brother and his wife visited. We went out to eat and we celebrated a combination Thanksgiving, as well as his birthday.

Of course I ate myself silly on Thanksgiving.

So now I'm back to my usual routine. I did my jog this morning.

If you recall back on October 31st, I posted that my wife had been in the hospital. She's fully recovered now, from a kidney transplant. Earlier this week her doctor cleared her to leave home. She had been quarantined in here due to being on immunosuppresants. She still has to be careful about going into crowded places and being around kids and animals.

But she's itching to get out, which means going out to eat. So, I have to keep going on with my exercises.

Weight Loss By Desire

Weighed in this morning at 152 pounds. Up two pounds from my last report a week ago.

As the days grow closer to Thanksgiving, it's becoming more tough to stick to this diet. Everywhere I look, I see photos of turkey dinners, pumpkin pie, and people being festive and merry. It seems to trigger something deep down inside me that wants to break open a bottle of beer, grill some steaks, or eat a pint of ice cream.

Compounding that is the colder weather. I hate jogging with cold air blowing on my face. Even though running will raise my body temperature, I still feel that bitter cold windchill. And so I don't feel encouraged to exercise.

I guess these are the moments where you learn what you're made of. I tell people I spent a few years alone just trying to control my appetite. I like to think that I've made progress on that. Yet maybe no matter what you do, there's always going to be something that Mother Nature puts into us that makes us want to eat.

The body always thinks it's living in the wild, trying to survive from one day to the next. But our conscience knows that food is readily available without the need to expend a lot of physical activity.

That seems to be the root of everyone's weight problems. It's a tug-of-war between our body's natural mechanisms and our desires to satiate our palates.

I hear some vegans and vegetarians say that they have lost the desire to eat meat. I always wonder about that. I'm not a vegetarian, though I do love eating fruit, vegetables, and grains. Yet, I have to believe that even vegans still possess these natural tiggers deep in their psyche that makes a rack of pork ribs look and smell absolutely irresistible.

But I think vegans have the power of ideology, and their stable of vegans friends to help them stick to their lifestyle. As for myself, I don't have any ideology that turns a carnivorous diet into something criminal, and nor do I have any dieting friends to pull me along.

All I have is a desire to stay healthy. And so far my desire to stay healthy is often trumped by my desire to eat and eat and eat. When your entire weight loss efforts are driven simply by a desire, it's tough to stay the course.

Shooting for 145 Pounds

Weighed in this morning at 150 pounds. That's down one pound from my last report on Saturday.

150 pounds is my target weight, and what I've deemed my base weight.

I'm still eating about 1,000 calories a day, and still doing it on a whole wheat tortilla in the morning, two cans of Low Sodium V8 Juice, 4-8oz of beef jerky, and a handful of celery stalks with salsa in the evening. And I'm still exercising via light weightlifting and jogging about 1.3 miles Monday through Friday.

Except I'm not going to hold up at 150 pounds. I'm going to keep on going with the above program, and try to add more muscle while trying to burn off what fat I still have hanging around my belly. So, I may possibly go down to 145 pounds, though I doubt I'll ever get below that. Right now, it's getting harder to lose weight, and it seems like I've put on just a little bit of muscle over the past month.

It's Getting Harder to Lose Weight

Weighed in this morning at 151 pounds, down one pound from last Tuesday.

I exercised all this week, Monday to Friday I jogged everyday on a 1.3 mile route, and I did some light weightlifting, along with sit-ups and push-ups. I kept my calorie intake to about 1,000 calories a day, eating mostly a whole-wheat tortilla and V8 juice for breakfast, about 4oz of jerky for lunch, and celery with salsa plus a can of V8 juice for dinner.

I notice it's getting harder to lose weight. Whereas before I would drop about 1-2 pounds a day doing exactly what I described above, it now takes about five days to drop the same amount. I assume I'm building up more muscle while I'm losing fat.

I'm getting more into making salsa. Last night I made some jalapeno tomatillo salsa. Tastes pretty good, but I can tell it's not "just right". So, I'm already eyeing a bigger food processor, and looking to try this again. There's actually lots of salsa to buy at my local grocery store, but I can't find any that's hot enough for me.

Today, being Saturday, I'm taking a break from exercising, and a break from my diet, and going out motorcycle riding. Sunday, I don't know what I'm doing, but most likely spending it with my wife. Maybe grill up some steaks. And then the next week, I'm back to my regular exercise and diet regimen.

I'm Smelling Like Garlic

Weighed in this morning at 152 pounds. I'm down one pound from Sunday morning.

I continue to exercise. My jogging route has increased to 1.3 miles. My goal is 2.0 miles everyday. I think that's what I need to do to burn off the visceral fat. I'm also still doing some weightlifting, not very strenuous stuff though, mostly easier stuff, just enough to prevent muscle-loss, and remain slender.

I also took another step in the right direction, by getting rid of all my larger clothes. I had kept them all, thinking that someday I'll probably gain a lot of weight back. But I decided that's not the right attitude. So all I have left now are the clothes that fit me just right.

Oh, and over the weekend I made some habanero-lime salsa. It turned out really hot. I ended up using a lot of garlic, and now it's very garlicky. As of this morning, my wife says I still smell like garlic, and I still have a couple pints of that salsa left.

Celery versus Tortilla Chips

Weighed in at 153 pounds this morning. Down one pound over the last week.

All last week I've done reasonably well to watch my calorie intake, particularly my sugar intake. Exercise has not been as frequent as it was the previous week, however. But interestingly enough, I managed to drop a pound.

My goal is to stay at 150 pounds.

It seems like I'm getting into salsa (the food, not the dance) more and more. I find myself at grocery stores examining the many brands that are available. I like stuff really hot.

I used to eat baked tortilla chips with salsa, but I'm actually finding celery stalks to be just as good or better in flavor. Well, tortilla chips by themselves don't have a lot of flavor to begin with, and neither does celery. So I think that's why the two work well with salsa.

But considering one full size stalk of celery contains only 10 calories, whereas 20 baked tortilla chips contains about 150 calories, and slightly more for regular tortilla chips, it's a lot better as a diet food.

So when snacking, I'll eat about 3 full size stalks of celery. Each stalk generates about 6-8 dips into salsa, that's roughly the same as what I would snack with tortilla chips.

The fiber content is pretty much the same between the two.

Controlling My Appetite So Far

Weighed in this morning at 154 pounds, no change from yesterday.

I managed to keep myself under control yesterday in terms of eating. I started the morning with my usual whole wheat tortilla (plain), and for lunch a BBQ chicken sandwich with macaroni salad and one bottle of beer at a restaurant.

I was still ready to eat some more just after finishing lunch, and could see some slices of sourdough bread a friend of mine didn't want to eat. But I resisted. I also resisted a second bottle of beer.

Later in the day some friends and I hit up a bar and I had a glass of beer. Everyone else was getting second glasses of beer, but again I managed to resist. Part of the reason was because I had to get back home to hand out candy for Halloween. And then at home, I managed to resist eating the Kit Kats and Twix Bars.

But later on, I couldn't resist eating some corn bread and chips and salsa.

Still, the bottom line is that I spent a day off of my diet, and didn't gain any weight from it. So that's the whole point of what I'm trying to do. Control my appetite so that I can maintain a healthy weight.