The Beef Jerky Diet Continues

To everyone still monitoring Beef Jerky Diet Blog, I'm still strutting along. My weight right now is at 154 pounds, and I'm still making beef jerky a main part of my daily diet.

I'm at a point right now where beef jerky is the main source of protein from Monday through Friday, and weekends I tend to substitute it with something else, maybe steak or chicken.

At one point, earlier this month, my weight went as high as 164. This is mostly because my wife was in the hospital at that time, and I wasn't able to spend much time writing my beef jerky reviews. I ended up eating out at a bar & grill close to the hospital.

Right now, my exercise regimen has picked back up. I'm back to jogging about 3/4 mile, along with some weight lifting, Monday through Friday, while doing sit-ups and push-ups seven days a week. This last week I've made exercise a daily habit, in hopes of burning off some of my pooch belly.

It still amazes me how many brands of beef jerky there is in the world. I've written reviews of over 230 brands thus far, and it seems there's no end in sight. Some of those brands have since gone out of business, but new ones seem to keep popping up.