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Vacationing in San Diego and Dieting

Weighed in this morning at 155 pounds.

My wife and I spent the last weekend on a three-day, two-night vacation in San Diego. It's only a 90 minute drive south from where we are, and we've been there many times. But it's nice to spend some quality time together.

But over that period I did a lot of eating and drinking of course. And when I weighed myself yesterday morning, I was at a despicable 158 pounds.

So consider I did well to lose 3 pounds in just one day.

I didn't do any exercise yesterday.

However, I managed to eat a little bit throughout the day to keep my metabolism running.

I also took two hot baths, one in the late afternoon, and another late evening, just before going to bed. From what I've witnessed, soaking in a hot bath seems to help burn off more calories.

And taking a hot bath just before going to bed helps me sleep better, and of course getting a good night's sleep burns quite a few calories too.


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