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Water Weight from Three Beers

Weighed in this morning at 154 pounds, up one pound from yesterday.

I started the day with a couple of whole wheat tortillas, plain. And then ate about 4oz of beef jerky, along with about 2 tall glasses of green iced tea. That equates to about 720 calories.

Then in the evening, I rode my motorcycle to a local tavern to meet up with some friends, and I had a small chicken pizza and three beers. I'm guessing that's about 1,400 calories there.

So all in all, I consumed about 2,120 calories for the day, which is just a little bit over the 2,000 average that a guy my size usually burns living out a sedentary day.

I figure the water weight from the three beers is what sent my weight higher this morning, since I got back home late in the evening and didn't have time to piss it all out.

I'm still shooting for a weight of 150 pounds by this Saturday morning.

I'm not sure what the plan is for today. I spent Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday working in my home office on websites. I want to get out of the house today, and I need to continue exercising.


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