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Mission Carb Balance Tortillas

Weighed in this morning at 153 pounds. Down one from yesterday.

I started the morning with a couple of whole wheat tortillas for breakfast, plain with nothing on them. I bought the Mission Carb Balance. Those things have tons of fiber in them, 21g per tortilla. Consider that 30g of fiber a day is what a guy should eat, and I ate two of those things. Each tortilla is 200 calories.

I also ate a 4oz bag of jerky, which I put about 320 calories. Then I had a can of Low Sodium V8 Juice (70 calories), several glasses of water, and a pound of strawberries in the evening. I'm guessing I ate around 700 calories in all yesterday.

I also exercised, doing a 2 1/2 mile hike up and down the hills again.

Tonight is our monthly bike night, where several of us motorcycle riders get together for beer. Considering all the liquids I'll be drinking until late at night, I'm not expecting to lose any weight by tomorrow morning's weigh in. We'll see however. I'm not planning to eat anything there, instead doing my eating here at home.


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