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Getting Back to Controlling Portions

Weighed in this morning at 154 pounds.

In my last post a week ago, I mentioned getting sick after eating at Claim Jumper for Mother's Day, and found myself losing weight to 152 pounds.

Since then my weight went up to as high as 158 pounds over the last weekend. I'm determined to get it back down to 150 by next Saturday morning.

The past Sunday I encountered a little bit of success by ordering smaller portions. My wife and I went out to a BBQ restaurant, and instead of ordering a full rack of pork ribs, I only ordered a half. And then I only ate about half of the side dishes.

Of course, that meant I'd get more hungry sooner, and I did. But I ended up going to a frozen yogurt shop and getting smoothie. I imagine that smoothie had the same calories as eating another half-rack of ribs.

But I made up for it by doing a 2 1/2 mile hike up and down some hills in my town. So, I'm trying to get myself to eating smaller portions at the table, and then I need to find low-calories ways to snack when I get hungry.

Oh and then last night I did some weight lifting. My arms and legs feel sore right now.


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