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Watching My Weight in Las Vegas

Weighed in this morning at 156 pounds.

The last four days was spent with my wife enjoying an extended weekend, first visiting an indian casino here in Southern California, and then the next three days up in Las Vegas. We got back home last night.

I tried to mitigate the impact of all the eating, mostly by eating lots of meat, some veggies, a little bit of bread, and no sugary desserts or fruits.

But I did drink lots of beer. I went to casinos that would comp you on beer as long as you played slots. And then, I managed to find a casino that not only did this, but offered some really good microbrews.

On top of that, I bought this software that teaches how to maximize my winnings on video poker. So, I managed to learn a lot from it and was able to stretch a $20.00 bill out for a couple hours. And in that time, I would drink down a few free beers.

Considering all that, the fact that I weighed in this morning at 156 pounds is pretty good.


May 6, 2010 at 1:49 AM Anavar said...

You should avoid drinking beer, because it contains lots of calories and blows your stomach. Any kind of alcohol drink has lot and lots of calories.

May 6, 2010 at 11:03 AM Steve said...

Agreed that alcohol has calories, but beer doesn't have that much alcohol compared to wine or mixed drinks, and none of the sugar. I've monitored my weight gain and loss after beer drinking, many times over, and the alcohol doesn't really impact my dieting all that much.

But what does make an impact is the water gain. You might have witnessed a gain of a few pounds after a night of beer drinking, but that was all water gain, which you can pee out.

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