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Lost Three Pounds Yesterday

Weighed in this morning at 152 pounds, that's down 3 pounds from yesterday.

Crazy is all I can think, losing 3 pounds in one day.

I started yesterday with a grapefruit. Then I had 5oz of beef jerky, and a can of Low Sodium V8 Juice.

Then I went into my garage and changed the rear brakes on my motorcycle. That's a low impact exercise of pulling my bike up on to its center stand, and torquing off and on the bolts. I drank down two cans of Diet Coke after that.

Later on I had a small romaine lettuce salad with green salsa for dressing. After which, I had a regular sized bagel with margarine. Then in the evening I had 1oz of almonds.

I don't know what the calorie intake is on all that, I'm guessing about 1,000.

I didn't do any other exercise aside from working on my motorcycle.

I did, however, soak in a hot bath for about 40 minutes. I wondering if there's a lot more to that than I thought. I posted a new article about hot baths on Weight Loss Blogger. Go read it and see what you think.

First of all, soaking in a hot bath in the evening is something I've done since for as long as I can remember. My mother is from Japan, and this is something the Japanese always do. The bathtubs they have at home are not shaped like we have them in the USA. They're deeper, about 3 feet deep, and designed to hold about 3-4 people. At least, that's what I remember when I lived in Yokohama in the early 1970s.

Anyways, that's one reason why I take hot baths. But the other is because I knew the hot water will raise your heart rate, and that would burn some extra calories. But I think it must burn a lot more calories than that. It must also raise your metabolism considerably.

I mean, I know I have a high metabolism to begin with, but in order for me to lose 3 pounds in one day, I had to have burned 10,500 calories, at a minimum. And no way did I do that much exercise. So, either it's just me, which I doubt. Or there's something else that a hot bath does for the body.


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