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Gained a Pound from the Salad Bar

Weighed in at 155 pounds this morning. Up one pound from yesterday.

Yesterday, I had lunch at Claim Jumper, having a salad bar. I had a spinach, tomato, and cucumber salad, with turkey and pepperoncinis. They don't have salsa, so I put this tomato vinagrette on there, it had a lot of fat in it.

I also had a good deal of potato salad, macaroni salad, and cottage cheese. I also had three slices of garlic cheese bread. And then washed it down with two beers.

But as far as solid food goes that was all I ate that day. I did have three more beers throughout the day, however.

Otherwise, I spent most of the day riding my motorcycle. I didn't really exercise.

But I guess gaining one pound isn't too bad after eating all that. If I had stayed away from the potato salad, macaroni salad, and garlic cheese bread, I think I would have lost a half-pound, or maybe a full pound.


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