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Eating Pizza and Losing Weight

Weighed in at 155 pounds this morning, down one pound from yesterday.

Yesterday, all I ate was a medium sized cheese pizza. I acquired this pizza from last Tuesday in Payson, AZ, while riding my motorcycle through town. I stopped there for lunch with my friends, and we ordered an extra-large pizza. Then we saw the poster advertising a free medium-sized cheese pizza if you buy an extra-large pizza.

So, I asked for the medium-sized cheese pizza.

But we never ate it, so I got a box to go.

I ended up hauling it around Arizona on Tuesday and Wednesday, until I arrived home in Southern California Wednesday night. Then I ate it the next day for lunch.

It was probably the world's longest pizza delivery.

I threw on extra cheese, some tabasco sauce and red pepper flakes. I didn't eat the crust because after nuking the pizza, the crust got really hard. I'm not sure how many calories that turned out to be.

Aside from two bottles of beer, two cans of diet soda, and a bottle of water, that was all I consumed that day.

And no exercise.

And still lost one pound.

Oh, and I soaked in a hot bath later that night. I think that contributes to some calorie burn by way of making your heart beat faster. But I'm not sure how many calories I can burn from this.

So anyways, you can still eat a pizza, drink beer, and lose weight.


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