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Camping and Dieting

Weighed in this morning at 156 pounds.

The past five days I've been camping with some friends. We rode our motorcycles from Southern California to various campsites in Arizona.

I left Saturday morning at 155 pounds and gained only 1 pound over that whole camping trip.

And I didn't necessarily diet during the whole time. I drank a lot of beer, but only ate a moderate amount of food. In fact, none of us really gorged. There was only one evening when I ate a lot of food, and that was at a mexican restaurant in Sedona, AZ.

But I tried to make sure I ate something early in the morning, to get my metabolism started. Also, the whole trip was cold. Even though I had on a weather-resistant riding jacket, and a pair of thermal underwear, I was still cool, not warm. But my hands, were achingly cold.

Anyways, I think the cold temperatures throughout the day and night is what kept my metabolism burning fat.


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