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Mexican Food and Beer

Weighed in this morning at 156 pounds. No change from yesterday.

Yesterday I went out on a motorcycle ride with some friends to San Diego, and had lunch at a mexican restaurant. I had a beer, chips & salsa, and a plate of carnitas. I pretty much finished everything and was rather full.

Later on, I stopped at a bar and had a few more beers.

At the bar, I was very tempted to eat some more. By that time I had the space in my belly to do so. But I kept telling myself that it wasn't necessary. I had a big lunch, and my body didn't need more for that day.

And I managed to resist.

It's little successes like that that convince me I'm on the right track. And when I know I'm on the right track, I feel all the more encouraged to go full steam ahead.

Today, I'm hoping to trim off another pound, and weigh in tomorrow morning at 155. Tomorrow the wife and I are heading out for a weekend trip, and I'm sure there'll be a lot of eating and drinking.


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