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Meat in the Morning, Fiber at Night

Weighed in this morning at 156 pounds.

In my last blog post from Friday, I mentioned wanting to weigh in at 155 pounds on Saturday morning. I accomplished that.

I also said that on that Saturday I'd be taking a motorcycle ride with my wife for the weekend, and I accomplished that too. So when I weighed in on Monday morning, I was back up to 159 pounds.

Between Monday and Tuesday, I managed to lose weight by sticking to the beef jerky diet on Monday, and Tuesday I actually lunched at a buffet, but I stuck to eating only meats, and consumed no sugar.

I think moving forward, I'm going to try eating meats the first thing I do after waking up. I'm hoping that will not only get my metabolism jump started, but keep it running consistently all day long, assuming I eat more beef jerky later that day.

I'm also going to take fiber supplements in the evening. I'm guessing that should keep my digestion working as I sleep, but without adding calories.


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