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Tryin to Gain Some Weight Back

Weighed in this morning at 151 pounds.

Ok, so back to Thursday again. I had written that I had hit my lowest weight since dieting, at 147 pounds. That day I decided I ought to put some weight back on. So my wife and I went out to a restaurant, except I found myself getting a salad. Thought I did have one beer.

But in the evening, I went out to the tavern and four more beers, and a small pizza. Turns out, that was all I ate the whole day. I got back home from the tavern around 12:30am, and never took a pee.

So even when I'm thinking I need to put on more weight, I'm still not really packing on a lot of calories.

I did gain six pounds from that day, but again, it was mostly water weight from all the beer.

And then the following day (yesterday), I managed to eat a little more. But I laid off the water, except for a can of low sodium V8 Juice. Otherwise, I had a few slices of leftover pizza (from Superbowl Sunday), and I found an entire take-out order of fish-n-chips that my wife never ate. I also had a grapefruit and a pound of strawberries.

And yet, I still trimmed off two pounds, down to 151 this morning.

But again, that's because I didn't drink much, and peed out all the beer I drank the day before.


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