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My Metabolism Must Be Running High

Weighed in this morning at 149 pounds, down three from yesterday.

Here's what I did yesterday to lose those three pounds...

Afternoon: 6.5oz of beef jerky (520 calories)
Afternoon: 2 bottles of water (0 calories)
Afternoon: 1 can of low sodium V8 juice (70 calories)
Late Afternoon: 1 12oz bottle of dark beer (200 calories)
Evening: 2 medium sized multi-grain tortillas (200 calories)
Evening: 1 can of low sodium V8 juice (70 calories)

Total: 1,060 calories

Exercise: none

My metabolism must be running at a high rate, even though I'm fairly slim right now. In order to lose three pounds, I had to have burned a minimum of 10,500 calories, plus that additional 1,060 calories I consumed.

Normally, as you slim down your metabolsim can run at a lower rate since you have less body mass to maintain. I figure the average person at 150 pounds burns about 2,000 calories a day if they do no exercise.

One thing I can figure is that we leave the heater off when we sleep. The temperature in our bedroom will fall down to about 64 degrees F. My wife wants it cool when she sleeps because she can't handle warm. I prefer it warm, but then I can just pile on more blankets.

So, I'm wondering if my body is actually getting cold at night, and my metabolism has to keep burning fuel to maintain a proper 98.6 degrees F?


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