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Getting Tweeted for Hemorroids

Weighed in this morning at 149 pounds, down one pound from yesterday.

Here's what I did yesterday to lose that one pound...

Morning: 1 medium sized grapefruit (100 calories)
Afternoon: 3.5oz of beef jerky (210 calories)
Afternoon: 1 bottle of water (0 calories)
Afternoon: 1 can of low sodium V8 Juice (70 calories)
Late afternoon: 1 Butter lettuce salad with salsa verde (75 calories)
Late afternoon: 1 Bud Light Lime (112 calories)
Evening: 1 dry pint of grape tomatoes (70 calories)
Evening: 2 medium sized whole wheat tortillas (200 calories)

Total: 837 calories

Exercise: none

Getting Tweeted for Hemorroids

No, I don't have hemorroids, but I noticed yesterday that this blog was tweeted by someone who writes about hemorroids...

hemorroid tweet

The tweet was through an "auto-tweeter", picking up keywords, probably through Google Blog Search. But nonetheless, as little attention as my blog gets, I'm happy for it.

The tweet is pointing to yesterday's blog post entitled "I Found a Good Remedy for Constipation".

Anyways, I thought it was interesting that the person who tweeted it focuses on writing about hemorroids. I suppose with the way the Internet is, each and every little thing on this planet needs someone to champion it. Can you imagine when someone asks what you do for a living, and you say "I'm a hemorroid blogger"?

Actually, it looks like the writer is an affiliate marketer (like me), who uses a blog to market hemorroid products.

Oh well, and people tell me that it's freaky I write in-depth reviews on beef jerky.


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