Eat a High Protein Meal in the Morning

Weighed in this morning at 154 pounds.

Yesterday I weighed in at 157 pounds, the result of a lot of eating and drinking on Saturday.

I've noticed that if I eat just one big meal in the morning or afternoon, packed with lots of protein, and don't eat anything else the whole day, I'll lose weight. Basically, if I can go to bed on an empty stomach, I'll wake up 2-3 pounds lighter.

The idea is that if you can pack in a lot of protein early in the day, your metabolism will run all day long trying to process it. It takes longer for the body to metabolize protein than it does carbohydrates. Hence, it's often why you feel fuller longer if you eat a lot of meat, as opposed to a lot of fruit/vegetables.

So yesterday, after weighing in at 157 pounds, I had Sunday brunch, consisting of an omelette, several strips of bacon, breakfast potatoes, three small chicken tacos, scrambled eggs, and a few potato wedges. I left feeling pretty full. I ate nothing the rest of the day.

My stomach felt empty by the time I went to bed, which was 12:30am.

The next day I woke up 8:30am. The first thing I did was eat a grapefruit. I checked my e-mail, and then did my "morning dump". I weighed myself, and it read 153.5 pounds. I rounded it up to 154 pounds, and began writing this blog post.

I figure the brunch I ate had to have been around 3,000 calories. But it was all protein, although certainly not lean protein. To lose 3 pounds in one day, I had to have burned off all 3,000 calories I ate, plus an addition 10,500 calories (3,500 calories = 1 pound). That's 13,500 calories I burned, and yet did no exercise.

All the calories I burned were lazy calories, mostly metabolizing all the protein I ate, then sitting in a chair, driving a car, walking around the house, and soaking in a tub.

And oh yeah, soaking in a hot bath can help too. If you can get the water hot enough, your heart will beat faster. That will cause more calories burned.

Considering a Gym Membership

Weighed in this morning at 153 pounds.

The past week since my last blog post here, I've gone up and down, as high as 157 pounds after a day of eating and drinking. But I've managed to compensate by dieting.

Lately, I've contemplated getting a gym membership. I want a gym that's close to my home, and there are only two really close, and both are independent gyms, not associated with any national brands like 24 Hour Fitness or LA Fitness.

One gym has the full facilities, weights, track, pool, spa, racquetball, classes, etc. The other is just a small gym located at a strip mall, they only have weights. The smaller place is way cheaper too.

So I'm figuring on using the smaller place, just because all I want are the weights, and I hate paying for stuff I never use.

I'm also pleased to report that it's been about three months now that I reached my target weight of 150 pounds, and here I am this morning at 153 pounds. So, I've managed to hold steady at this weight range. I still would love to eat and eat and eat, but either the urges are not as strong, or maybe my will is stronger.

Well, if you're trying to reach your target weight, what I can say is that it actually gets easier the more you do it. So keep at it.

Tryin to Gain Some Weight Back

Weighed in this morning at 151 pounds.

Ok, so back to Thursday again. I had written that I had hit my lowest weight since dieting, at 147 pounds. That day I decided I ought to put some weight back on. So my wife and I went out to a restaurant, except I found myself getting a salad. Thought I did have one beer.

But in the evening, I went out to the tavern and four more beers, and a small pizza. Turns out, that was all I ate the whole day. I got back home from the tavern around 12:30am, and never took a pee.

So even when I'm thinking I need to put on more weight, I'm still not really packing on a lot of calories.

I did gain six pounds from that day, but again, it was mostly water weight from all the beer.

And then the following day (yesterday), I managed to eat a little more. But I laid off the water, except for a can of low sodium V8 Juice. Otherwise, I had a few slices of leftover pizza (from Superbowl Sunday), and I found an entire take-out order of fish-n-chips that my wife never ate. I also had a grapefruit and a pound of strawberries.

And yet, I still trimmed off two pounds, down to 151 this morning.

But again, that's because I didn't drink much, and peed out all the beer I drank the day before.

Down to My Lowest Weight Ever

Weighed in this morning at 147 pounds. Down one pound from yesterday.

Here's what I did yesterday to lose one pound...

Morning: 1 medium sized grapefruit (100 calories)
Afternoon: 8oz of beef jerky (640 calories)
Afternoon: 3 bottles of water (0 calories)
Late afternoon : 1 bottle of dark beer (200 calories)
Evening: 2 cans of low sodium V8 Juice (140 calories)

Total: 1,080 calories

Exercise: none

So I'm down to my lowest weight ever, at least since I've been on my diet. I haven't been this low since college. When I entered college I was still at a lower weight of 130.

At three pounds below my target weight, I'm planning to eat out today. Try to pack in some more calories. I also have some grocery shopping to do.

Keeping My Kitchen Stocked With Healthy Foods

Weighed in at 148 pounds this morning, down one pound from yesterday.

Here's what I had yesterday...

Morning: 1oz (24 count) almonds (160 calories)
Afternoon: 6oz of beef jerky (480 calories)
Afternoon: 1 can of low sodium V8 juice (70 calories)
Afternoon: 2 1/2 bottles of water (0 calories)
Early Evening: 5oz romaine spinach arugula salad with salsa (70 calories)
Evening: 1 large whole wheat tortilla (200 calories)
Evening: 1 can of low sodium V8 Juice (70 calories)

Total: 1,050 calories

Exercise: none

Well my office is filling back up with jerky. I've had several brands send me their samples. I also purchased some jerky too on that overnighter to Las Vegas last week. So, I need to get to eating.

Since I'm now underweight (or at least by my standards) I really ought to pack on some calories. My refrigerator still has plenty of frozen foods, and my pantry still has canned chili. But, I don't want to get in the habit of eating that stuff.

We also still have lots of cookies that my wife made last Christmas. They're probably hard now, but likewise I don't want to get in the habit of eating them.

So, it really does behoove me to keep my kitchen stocked with healthier foods.

My Metabolism Must Be Running High

Weighed in this morning at 149 pounds, down three from yesterday.

Here's what I did yesterday to lose those three pounds...

Afternoon: 6.5oz of beef jerky (520 calories)
Afternoon: 2 bottles of water (0 calories)
Afternoon: 1 can of low sodium V8 juice (70 calories)
Late Afternoon: 1 12oz bottle of dark beer (200 calories)
Evening: 2 medium sized multi-grain tortillas (200 calories)
Evening: 1 can of low sodium V8 juice (70 calories)

Total: 1,060 calories

Exercise: none

My metabolism must be running at a high rate, even though I'm fairly slim right now. In order to lose three pounds, I had to have burned a minimum of 10,500 calories, plus that additional 1,060 calories I consumed.

Normally, as you slim down your metabolsim can run at a lower rate since you have less body mass to maintain. I figure the average person at 150 pounds burns about 2,000 calories a day if they do no exercise.

One thing I can figure is that we leave the heater off when we sleep. The temperature in our bedroom will fall down to about 64 degrees F. My wife wants it cool when she sleeps because she can't handle warm. I prefer it warm, but then I can just pile on more blankets.

So, I'm wondering if my body is actually getting cold at night, and my metabolism has to keep burning fuel to maintain a proper 98.6 degrees F?

Losing Weight Over the Superbowl

Weighed in this morning at 152 pounds, down two from yesterday.

Yesterday my wife and I went out for lunch, I had a chicken salad with balsamic dressing, and some garlic cheese bread, as well as a 22oz bottle of beer. It was a big salad, I couldn't finish it all. I stayed full most of the day, but finally had a can of Low Sodium V8 Juice in the evening. Otherwise, that was it.

As for watching the superbowl, I didn't. I did get some updates via the web. I would have watched it on television, but I wasn't interested in watching it by myself. And my wife doesn't like watching football. I wasn't sure if any of my friends were watching the game, so we just went out for lunch and then stayed home.

chicken salad with cheese bread
I guess that helped me stave off a potential weight gain. I'm noticing on Twitter and Facebook that several people reporting themselves heavier. Most likely it's just water gain.

The more beer you consume, the less space you have for food. And if you think about it, the amount of space beer can take up in your stomach is far greater than the amount of calories it gives you. That is, you can get more calories from 16oz of chips than 16oz of beer.

So if you drank a lot of beer, or any kind of beverage, in large quantities during a Superbowl party, that's actually not that bad. It's better than snacking away on chips, chicken wings, seven-layer-dip, etc. It prevented you from eating a lot worse.

Dieting in Las Vegas

Weighed in this morning at 154 pounds.

Since my last diet log Tuesday, that's effectively a five pound gain.

Wednesday my wife and I went up to Las Vegas for an overnighter. We came back Thursday night. I actually didn't over eat, I managed to eat in moderation, but I drank as much beer as I could. So by the time I weighed myself Friday morning, I think I still had quite a bit of water in me.

But Friday night, I continued to drink more beer, hanging out with friends at the tavern until midnight. But I also ate in moderation that day as well.

And yesterday, I had a grapefruit in the morning, about 8oz of beef jerky in the afternoon, a bottle of water, and then some non-fat, no sugar added, frozen yogurt. That was really about it. I'm guessing that was about 1,200 calories in all.

I'm not sure what's in store for us today. Of course its Superbowl Sunday today. I'm not really into this game since my Chargers got knocked out. We'll see how she feels.

Getting Tweeted for Hemorroids

Weighed in this morning at 149 pounds, down one pound from yesterday.

Here's what I did yesterday to lose that one pound...

Morning: 1 medium sized grapefruit (100 calories)
Afternoon: 3.5oz of beef jerky (210 calories)
Afternoon: 1 bottle of water (0 calories)
Afternoon: 1 can of low sodium V8 Juice (70 calories)
Late afternoon: 1 Butter lettuce salad with salsa verde (75 calories)
Late afternoon: 1 Bud Light Lime (112 calories)
Evening: 1 dry pint of grape tomatoes (70 calories)
Evening: 2 medium sized whole wheat tortillas (200 calories)

Total: 837 calories

Exercise: none

Getting Tweeted for Hemorroids

No, I don't have hemorroids, but I noticed yesterday that this blog was tweeted by someone who writes about hemorroids...

hemorroid tweet

The tweet was through an "auto-tweeter", picking up keywords, probably through Google Blog Search. But nonetheless, as little attention as my blog gets, I'm happy for it.

The tweet is pointing to yesterday's blog post entitled "I Found a Good Remedy for Constipation".

Anyways, I thought it was interesting that the person who tweeted it focuses on writing about hemorroids. I suppose with the way the Internet is, each and every little thing on this planet needs someone to champion it. Can you imagine when someone asks what you do for a living, and you say "I'm a hemorroid blogger"?

Actually, it looks like the writer is an affiliate marketer (like me), who uses a blog to market hemorroid products.

Oh well, and people tell me that it's freaky I write in-depth reviews on beef jerky.

I Found a Good Remedy For Constipation

Weighed in this morning at 150 pounds, down three pounds from yesterday.

Yesterday I had the following to eat...

Morning: 1 medium sized grapefruit (100 calories)
Afternoon: 5.5oz of beef jerky (440 calories)
Afternoon: 1 bottle of water (0 calories)
Afternoon: 1 can of low sodium V8 Juice (70 calories)
Early evening: 1 pint of frozen yogurt, non-fat, with fruit (500 calories)
Late evening: 2 corn bread muffins (600 calories)

Total: 1,710 calories

Exercise: none

Ok, so what caused me to lose three pounds after consuming that many calories, and no exercise?

Well, after having 5.5oz of beef jerky, and then having a pint of frozen yogurt, things didn't mix well, and I ended up with the runs just a couple hours later.

Later on in evening, I was getting the shakes. So I had those two corn bread muffins. I felt a lot better after eating them.

If you're a regular reader of this blog, you might recall last November, when I finally reached my goal of 150 pounds, it was actually due to the same combination of beef jerky and frozen yogurt, producing the runs (link).

So at least I now know a good remedy for constipation.

I Used to Be Hot, Now I'm Cold

Weighed in this morning at 153 pounds.

Over the past five days my weight went up to as high as 156 pounds, after a full day of eating and beer drinking. But I was able to control my portions in the subsequent days, and managed start off this week just a few pounds over my target weight.

Even though I didn't blog anything over those past five days, you can still see my weight loss chart at the far-right; I've been logging my weigh ins.

The joke now is that I'm always cold, and my wife is always hot. It used to be the other way around. I want to say that it's because I don't have the layers of fat to keep my blood warm. But the fact is that when I was this slim in my early 20s, I didn't feel cold back then.

And the same is true of my wife. She used to always be cold when she was in her 20s, and was actually heavier than she is now.

But when I was in my 20s, I was always thin. I could eat and eat and eat and never gain weight. Today, I don't have a problem gaining weight. So I figured my metabolism was running at a higher pace in those days than it is now.

In the car, we fight over the thermostat, she has to have it turned to 68 degrees F, I have to have it at 74. The same is true inside the house.

I'm guessing even at my heaviest weight of 240 pounds, I was still cold. It's just the layer of fat made it difficult to notice.