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Weight Loss versus Water Loss

Weighed in this morning at 157 pounds, down three pounds from yesterday.

Here's what I did yesterday to lose those pounds...

Morning: One cup of kefir (110 calories)
Morning: One small whole wheat tortilla (80 calories)
Afternoon: 4oz of beef jerky (320 calories)
Afternoon: 2 bottles of water (0 calories)
Early evening: 10.5oz of cherry tomatoes (70 calories)
Evening: 5 small celery sticks with hot sauce (10 calories)
Evening: 1 can of V8 Juice (70 calories)

Total: 660 calories

I did no exercise, except I changed the brake pads on my Harley.

Weight Loss versus Water Loss

Obviously, some of the three pounds I lost yesterday was from water loss. It's highly unlikely for me to lose that much weight in just fat. Considering it takes 3,500 calories to burn one pound of fat, I would have had to burn 11,660 calories [3,500 * 3) + 660 calories consumed yesterday].

Highly unlikely for me to have burned that much, considering I did very little exercise.

Last Sunday I drank an awful lot. I had four pints of beer, plus two large margaritas. So the next day, which was yesterday, I pissed much of that water out. And even then, I still drank down two bottles of water that day.

I imagine I lost two pounds of water, and only one pound of fat.

There have been days when I lost as much as five pounds in one day. That's obviously mostly water loss. That often happens during warm sunny days, when I'm out motorcycle riding. I will have pissed out much of that water, but being exposed to the sunshine, and exposed to wind from riding a motorcycle, I lose water from evaporation.

So if you managed to lose two or more pounds in a single day, consider that much of that weight loss was actually water loss.


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