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Tumaro's Tortillas for Dieting

tumaro's tortillasWeighed in this morning at 150 pounds, that's four straight days of staying on my target weight!

My wife and I yesterday had lunch at a sushi restaurant. I loaded up on sushi and sashimi, and drank only unsweetened iced tea. Later in the day, I had a bottle of beer. Otherwise, that's all I ate. Well, except for the serving of kefir and a whole wheat tortilla in the morning.

Tumaro's Tortillas

Earlier in the week I bought a package of Tumaro's tortillas from Henry's Market. These are multi-grain tortillas, and part of Tumaro's "Low in Carbs" line. I bought the Green Onion flavor.

Previously, I had been buying whole wheat tortillas from Mission brand.

In comparison, the Tumaro's multi-grain tortillas taste strange. Mission has a nice flavor and soft texture with its whole wheat "Carb Balance" line. Tumaro's texture is not as soft.

However, in comparing the nutritional data, both Tumaro's and Mission appear to be about the same, with the exception that Tumaro's has 7g of protein, while Mission has only 3g. Also note, that Tumaro's tortillas are 39g in size, while Mission is just 28g. So, it's not a totally fair comparison. But nonetheless, most of the other nutritional data between the two, are to be the same despite that size disparity.

I think I'm going to stick with Tumaro's for now, even though they don't taste as good as Mission. Perhaps I'll try a different flavor.


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