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New Years Weight Loss Resolution

Weighed in this morning at 156 pounds, up three pounds from yesterday.

So yesterday I did my motorcycle ride with some friends down to San Diego. We had lunch at Old Town Mexican Cafe. I managed to do well food-wise, eating a chicken-taco salad, but did not eat the taco shell. I used their salsa for dressing, and pushed the sour cream aside. To drink, I had two glasses of iced tea, no sweetener.

And I did not touch the chips and salsa either!

After the ride back home, we stopped at our favorite watering hole, and I had three and a half beers. I felt hungry by then, but didn't eat anything there, because all they had was pub food, much of it being fatty. So I told the others that I would be heading over to a sushi bar instead.

We all went there, and I had two spicy tuna hand rolls, and an order of tuna sashimi. I also had an iced tea, and another beer. And I also felt compelled to order more sashimi, but I decided to wait about 15 minutes first, and then decided if I was still hungry. I ended up not ordering anything else. I think by waiting, I allowed my mind to settle down, and lost that urge to eat.

All in all, I believe the three pounds I gained from yesterday is just water gain from the iced teas and beers. Beer itself contains only carbs, but no fat, and very little sugar if any at all. I'm going to spend today peeing that water out, and am looking to do some walking today also. I'm hoping by tomorrow morning, I'll back down to 153 pounds, which is what I was yesterday.

And overall, that's my goal this year. To be able to go riding with my friends, but control my urge to eat by eating low-fat, and as zero-sugar as possible. Whereas last year, I still ended up splurging on high-fat foods.


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