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Motorcycle Riding Helped Me Lose Weight

Weighed in this morning at 151 pounds, down one from yesterday.

I'm not sure how I managed to lose one pound yesterday. I spent the day with some friends, riding motorcycles to San Diego, and hitting up a few pubs and taverns along the way.

I had fish 'n chips, and I ate everything on the plate. However, I avoided the tartar sauce and ketchup, and used only malt vinegar. That cut off some fat and sugar.

But I had four beers throughout the day too.

I think it was motorcycle riding.

Yeah, as I've reasoned before, riding a motorcycle will burn off calories. In this case, it was cold throughout the day. Even though I wore a jacket and sweatshirt, my body was burning calories trying to keep my temperature at 98.6 degrees F.

Also, I rode my Yamaha, which does not have a windshield, and we did a lot of freeway riding too. That meant I had to use a fair amount of arm strength to hold on to the handlebars, as well as a fair amount of leg strength to squeeze the gas tank.

And then, I got back home around 9:00pm, and still spent a few hours on my laptop, which gave me some time to pee out the beer.

That, and I really didn't eat much else the rest of the day. So really, I didn't go overboard on the calories.


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