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Making Little Changes to Your Lifestyle

Weighed in this morning at 153 pounds, up three pounds from yesterday.

Yesterday was my "off diet day". I hooked up with some friends and rode motorcycles. After dieting all Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, I satisfied my BBQ-tooth with some spare ribs and tri-tip, along with some beans, cole slaw, and bread. I had a couple of beers to wash that down.

Then later on in the day, I stopped at my favorite watering hole, and spent the rest of the evening with several more beers. So, I'm figuring I have a lot of water pee out today. If my wife is feeling good today, I'll take her out for lunch somewhere.

Making Little Changes to Your Lifestyle

Blackberries have become my favorite snack foods lately. I've always liked fruits that end in the word "berry", but it seems now whenever I get the munchies, I reach for a package of blackberries.

It's not that this craving magically appeared, it's because I trained myself this way. I had done some research into the USDA Nutrient Database, and looked up every fruit that I would expect to find at a grocery store, and checked out which ones were lowest in calories. I found lemons, cantaloupe, papaya, blackberries, strawberries, and grapefruit.

Lemons were actually the lowest, but I don't want to eat pure lemons as a snack. And while I like cantaloupe, it's a pain in the butt to slice, and they hog up a lot of room in the fridge. Even papayas are sizeable too.

So I started buying up packages of strawberries and blackberries. Now, I keep several packages of these in the fridge. Anytime I start feeling hungry, I grab a package of these, instead of chips, ice cream, cookies, or something else fattening.

To sum up, what I've done is set myself up to win, at least with regards to snacking.

The fact that I now crave something healthy, low calorie, and zero-fat, is a change to my lifestyle that will help me manage my weight. And that's what you need to do so that dieting doesn't become a struggle.

And I haven't perfected this either. I still want to train myself to eat healthy when I spend time with friends. Yesterday, I should have ordered a salad. But that desire for BBQ was really tough. That's another area of my life I'm still training myself to change.


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