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I'm Not Sure How I Lost Two Pounds Yesterday

Weighed in this morning at 150 pounds, down two pounds from yesterday.

Yesterday was a non-diet day, yet I still managed to lose two pounds. I guess that's good, that I can be off my diet, and lose weight. However, the reality is that I was still watching what I ate.

I started yesterday morning with about 3oz of carrot sticks. Then I hooked up with some friends to go motorcycle riding. A few hours later, we ended up at a BBQ joint, but I stuck with a cobb salad with pulled pork, and a beer. A couple more hours later, we ended the day at the tavern, where I had about 1 1/2 glasses of beer.

After my friends left, I started feeling hungry again. My wife showed up at the tavern by this time. I asked her if she was in the mood for something to eat, and she said "no". I guess that helped me, because I was caught between wanting to eat a full dinner, and trying to stick with my weight loss plan.

So, the weight loss plan won out, and I went home with her.

When I got home, I ate a grapefruit. And that was it for the day.

I had actually got home around 6:00pm. So I had enough time left in the evening to pee out what beers I had before going to bed. I think that's the biggest reason why I didn't gain any weight this morning, plus the fact that I was able to eat sensibly, and hold myself back (with a little help from my wife).

So how in the heck did I really two pounds, without any exercise, and still eat sensibly? I had to have burned 7,000 calories just to burn off two pounds of fat. But I also had to burn off what foods I ate that day. So I'm guessing I burned 8,000 to 8,500 calories that day. All I can say is "motorcycling".

It was cold that day, so my body was trying to generate heat to maintain proper temperature. I rode my Yamaha, which does not have a windshield, so I was constantly using arm and leg muscles to brace myself. Being exposed to the wind can also suck moisture out your body. And finally, when you're riding a motorcycle, you can't eat anything, so that took away opportunities for me to snack. Read more about this in an earlier article I wrote, "Riding Motorcycles and Weight Loss".

As for today, my wife and I are set to go out to one of the indian casinos, have brunch together, and watch the Chargers game.


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