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I Ate at the Buffet and Lost Weight!

Weighed in this morning at 148 pounds, down two pounds from yesterday.

Well, this is probably the first time in a long time that I can remember that I lost weight over a weekend.

I started out yesterday morning by eating some carrot sticks for breakfast. Then a few hours later, my wife and I went to an indian casino for brunch. I had two large slices of prime rib, with 8 whole roasted jalapenos, and guacamole (I love to eat steak with jalapenos and guacamole!). I also had room for some chinese food, sauteed eggplant and chinese cabbage. With it I had one glass of iced tea.

Afterwards, I sat at the bar and drank two beers while watching the football game, and playing video poker.

I didn't eat or drink anything else that day. And I didn't exercise.

Even though I left the casino stuffed with food and drink, I suppose I still limited my calorie intake in that I didn't eat or drink anything else the rest of the day. I could have done so, but honestly I didn't feel hungry.

Here's what I think lead to my two-pound loss...
  1. I ate something immediately after getting out of bed (a handful of carrot sticks), to get my metabolism started.

  2. I ate again (the brunch) before completely digesting the carrot sticks. That kept my metabolism running the whole time.

  3. For brunch, I trimmed all the fat from the prime rib, and made it lean as possible.

  4. Each piece of prime rib was met with a slice of roasted jalapeno. The capsaicin in the chile pepper tends to raise your body temperature, which requires your body to burn calories.

  5. I avoided sweets, and stayed away from foods that contained added-sugar.

  6. The two thick slices of prime rib took a long time to digest that I didn't feel starved the rest of the day, and so I didn't eat in the evening.

The "X Factor" in this is the lack of cash. I went to the casino with only $30.00 in cash. I spent $20.00 on a poker machine, and $10.00 on the two beers. That prevented me from buying more beer.


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