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I Ate 34oz of Meat Yesterday

Weighed in this morning at 152 pounds, no change from yesterday.

My wife and I spent yesterday at a local indian casino. We had the buffet, of which I ate down three 6oz New York Strip Steaks, 10oz cut of prime rib, and 6oz leg of lamb. That's about 34oz of meat! I also had a lot of chinese cabbage, some of it steamed, and some of it pickled as kim chee. I washed that down with a few glasses of iced tea.

Afterwards, I sat at a bar and played video poker for an hour with a glass of beer.

And that was all I ate or drank the entire day.

Plus I did no exercise.

So imagine eating and drinking all that, and not gaining weight?

What helped is that we got home around 6:00pm, which gave me plenty of time to pee out much of that iced tea and beer. Also, I avoided eating anything sweet. I stayed away from foods I knew had added sugar.

Today I'm supposed to go motorcycle riding with some friends to Shakespeare's Pub in San Diego. That place is known for its fish n' chips, of which I can vouch as being awesome.


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