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How in the Heck Did I Gain Two Pounds?

Weighed in this morning at 150 pounds, up two pounds from yesterday.

So here's what I did yesterday...

Morning: 1 small veggie tray of carrots, peas, broccoli, w/o dip, (120 calories)
Morning: 1 can of low sodium V8 Juice (70 calories)
Afternoon: 2oz of beef jerky (160 calories)
Afternoon: 1 bottle of water (0 calories)
Mid-afternoon: 24 almonds, 1oz (160 calories)
Mid-afternoon: 1 can of low sodium V8 Juice (70 calories)
Late afternoon: 1 can, 6oz, tuna (180 calories)
Evening: 1 can of low sodium V8 Juice (70 calories)
Evening: 1 medium sized red grapefruit (70 calories)

Total: 900 calories

Exercise: I did 19 push-ups, and various weightlifting for the legs, arms, chest.

So tell me, how did I gain two pounds?

Well, when you consider I lost two pounds over Sunday after eating out at the buffet, plus two beers, and NOT exercising, I don't know.

The best I can figure is that on Sunday I lost water. Even though I had an iced tea and two beers, I still lost water weight. Whereas yesterday, I had 3 cans of V8 juice, and a bottle of water. Technically, what I drank yesterday wasn't that much compared to Sunday. And I peed several times yesterday. But that's the best I can figure.

The odd thing is that yesterday I told my wife I was two pounds below my goal of 150. So, I offered to take her out for lunch, figuring I needed to gain those two pounds back. But she didn't want to go out, instead she said she'd entertain the idea for today. But as it turns out, I somehow gained two pounds anyways, by staying home.


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