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Gained Two Pounds Yesterday

Weighed in this morning at 155 pounds, up two pounds from yesterday.

Well, I had anticipated weighing at 156 pounds today, but I guess a two pound gain makes me happier considering my day yesterday.

I started the day with my usual two whole wheat tortillas as my breakfast. Then I hooked up with some friends and we rode motorcycles. We stopped for lunch at Ramona Cafe, and I ordered a Chef Salad (which has ham and cheese on it) so I didn't necessarily go fat-free. But I stayed sugar-free, and put only salsa on top for dressing. To drink I had plain iced tea.

We ended the ride back at our usual tavern, and I ordered two beers. Nothing else to eat there.

However, later on I hooked up with my wife and we went to dinner at a Claim Jumper Restaurant. I ordered a rib eye steak with cheese-potato cakes, garlic bread, and another beer. I ate the steak, without steak sauce (steak sauces contain sugar). And I ate the garlic cheese bread. But I did not touch the cheese-potato cakes, and I avoided eating the fried veggies.

So, I think I mitigated my fat intake and sugar intake pretty well. It's tough to eliminate all fat when you eat out, but a lot easier to avoid sugar.

Today my wife and I plan to spend the afternoon at the San Diego Wild Animal Park, mostly to do some walking around the park. If we eat out anywhere, I'll go salad again. I may have a few beers tonight however. If I can weigh in Monday morning at 155 pounds, I'll be happy.


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