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Christmas Depression and Dieting

Weighed in this morning at 156 pounds.

I never really thought about it before, but during this holiday season, I found myself eating and drinking out of loneliness.

I'm married, and my wife and I love each other a lot. But we don't have any kids. And our families have largely moved away, or died off.

We do have lots of friends, but they all have their own families,and during Christmas they spend time with them.

So, I found myself feeling bummed out that my wife and I are largely alone during Christmas. I wanted to go out to my favorite tavern, sit at the bar. I had hoped that some friends could find the time to join me, but I found very few.

I could see how that feeling can cause other people to resort to food. For me, it wasn't that I wanted to eat to get rid of that feeling, it's that I just wanted to go out and enjoy company. And whenever I go out with friends, I always eat and drink. That's just how it is.

When you get to a point where most of your family is now out-of-state, or has died off, Christmas can get to be a bummer. I'm glad I have my wife, and she and I have spent a lot of quality time in the week that is Christmas and New Years.

But this past Christmas I learned how much I appreciate having friends.

So here's looking forward to a new year...


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