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Avoiding Foods with Added Sugar

Weighed in this morning at 160 pounds.

The past Saturday and Sunday were spent riding my motorcycle with friends and hanging out over beer and food. Sunday night I binged even more. In fact Sunday night, I felt quite stuffed.

So I told my wife I need to spend this week working off 10 pounds and getting back to my 150 pound weight.

Earlier I said that I'd make a resolution to eat more salads when I hung out with friends. Well this weekend, we went to places that didn't really offer salads, or otherwise offered only a small side salad. So I guess that's another challenge.

But I'm also going to make a resolution to avoid eating foods that contain added sugar. I want my body to burn fat for energ, instead of burning sugar for energy.

I was quite surprised going through my refrigerator and pantry to find out what all foods have added sugar, molasses, or high fructose corn syrup. I mean even ketchup has added sugar.

But I'm still sticking with fresh fruits. That's going to be how I get my sugar fix. I'm just going to avoid added sugar.

However, I'll have to stick to eating beef jerky, which some has added sugar. This is only because I'm still making a business out of writing beef jerky reviews.


January 31, 2010 at 10:45 AM Anonymous said...

Look for low-carb ketchup which is sweetened with sucralose rather than sugar. Heinz has it I belive

Contains only 5 calories/tbsp (from ~1gm of carbs)

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