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Sticking to a Low Calorie Diet

Weighed in this morning at 152 pounds, down a pound from my last post on Friday.

Since then, my weight went to as high as 155. That's not too bad as I'm trying to maintain a "window" of between 145 and 155.

Yesterday I stuck to the diet regimen,

Morning: 1 cup, 4oz, Dannon Activia Yogurt (110 calories)
Morning: 1 Thomas' English Muffin, Multi-Grain (100 calories)
Afternoon: 1 bag, 2oz, of beef jerky (180 calories)
Late afternoon: 1 package, 170g, of blackberries (73 calories)
Late afternoon: 1 can of V8 Juice (70 calories)
Evening: 4 medium sized tomatoes (140 calories)

Total calories: 673 calories

I did no exercise yesterday.

I got a call from my brother yesterday also. He's been skinny all his life, whereas I was skinny up until my mid-20s. But he got into eating healthy early on in life, whereas I'm just now starting to explore it.

For him, eating healthy, and eating a low calorie meal is not that difficult to do. For me, it was tough, but I'm getting more used to it. I went through a few years of training myself to make food substitutions, eating fewer plates of food at the buffet, or even avoiding the buffet. It was only until after those few years, that I was able to control the urge to eat and really start losing pounds.

Once you start losing the weight, you feel more encouraged to keep going.

Boredom is a big killer of diets. When we're bored, we tend to seek food. So combat that, I try to maintain a list of things to do. The irony, of course, is that if you had a list of things to do you wouldn't be bored. Or, the stuff you have listed on your "to do" list is boring.

Whatever it takes, you gotta find something to relieve the boredom that keeps you away from food.


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