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The Pumpkin Pie Did Me In

Weighed in this morning at 154 pounds, no change from yesterday.

Yesterday, the wife wanted to go out for lunch, claiming that she spent too much time here at home over the Thanksgiving holiday. So I asked her where she'd like to go, and wouldn't you know it? "Sizzler's" she replied. She loves that place.

So I stuck with the salad bar as usual. And I had my normal spinach-tomato-cumcumber-salsa salad. But instead of munching on chicken soft tacos afterwards, I opted to go with some cottage cheese and a couple slices of pineapple. I actually ate rather light.

I would've ended up losing weight for the day, except later on in the evening I chose to eat two generous slices of my wife's homemade pumpkin pie. She actually whipped up several other pies, cookies, and brownies. There's no way I could eat it all and still maintain my weight.

But I simply couldn't allow the pumpkin pie to go to waste.

However, I was able to offset that calorie intake by doing a little exercise. I did some combo jogging and walking.

So today I'm shooting for that diet day, limiting myself to about 700 calories or less, and see if I can knock out another pound or two.


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