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My Last Diet Day of the Week

Weighed in this morning at 152 pounds, down one pound from yesterday.

Yesterday I stuck to the diet, here's what I ate...

Morning: 1 cup of kefir (110 calories)
Morning: 1 Thomas' English Muffin, Multi-Grain (100 calories)
Afternoon: 4oz of beef jerky (320 calories)
Afternoon: 2 bottles of water (0 calories)
Early evening: 1 package, 170g, of blackberries (73 calories)
Late evening: 1 package, 297g, of cherry tomatoes with hot sauce (75 calories)

Total Calories: 678

I did no exercise yesterday.

Today is my last diet day of the week. Tomorrow we're having a Christmas Eve dinner, and then Friday is Christmas dinner. And then it's the weekend after that. So, I'm planning to do some more exercises, maybe another long walk. I want to get myself down to 150 pounds, and then spend the next four days putting on another 10 pounds again.

This is why I dread holidays, too much feasting.

Lately I've received a lot of beef jerky from jerky manufacturers wanting me to write reviews. Which is good, because it saves me money from having to buy it myself. So, I'm trying to get myself back into the swing of writing reviews every day.


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