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Keeping Focus on Losing Weight

Weighed in at 157 pounds this morning, up 5 pounds from my last post on Nov 4.

It's been a challenging five days.

That Wednesday, it was the 22nd anniversary of my wife and I's first date, and my wife always wants to celebrate, so we went to the buffet at Pala Casino, which is one of her favorites. And yes, I splurged because they upgraded their buffet, and everything was so good.

On Thursday I had my follow-up doctor's appointment. He said my cholesterol was perfect. And that was a relief. Remember that I had been on the beef jerky diet for a year and a half, and in some stretches all I ate was beef jerky. And my cholesterol was borderline high when I started the diet. So if you think that eating lots of beef jerky is going to raise your cholesterol, apparently not.

My doctor said that beef jerky won't really raise your cholesterol because it's so lean.

So, score another victory for the beef jerky diet.

However, he said I was definitely thin enough, and advised me not to lose anymore weight. He actually calculated by body mass index and found that I'm right in the perfect range. Technically, he said, I could actually lose more weight, but still recommended to maintain my current weight.

And so over Friday, Saturday, and Sunday I had this attitude that my weight loss plan was effectively over. I found myself changing my habits, and eating more, drinking more. I even found myself feeling too lazy to exercise.

So today on Monday, I'm changing that attitude by putting myself back on the diet, and keeping up the exercise.


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