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Dieting After Thanksgiving

Weighed in this morning at 158 pounds.

Thanksgiving did a number on my weight. But since my last blog post, when I reported I reached my goal of 150 pounds, I've since gained on that. I actually only gained a few pounds yesterday.

They say that losing weight is easy, but maintaining is tough. I'd have to agree. You get into this state of elation for having reached your goal, and then you want to relax.

Losing weight actually requires a lot of focus. You have to be relentless, because the old demons of gluttony keep working on you, tempting you. So it's like going full steam ahead on burning calories. But once you reach your goal, it's now about finding the right balance between diet, exercise, and indulgence. In that sense, you have hold back a little on burning calories, increase some higher calorie foods, but keep exercising.

I haven't learned that balance. I only know how to lose weight.

And as far as exercising goes, I don't want to look like a body builder, so I don't just want to keep weight lifting all the time. I'm going to do more cardio, so I'm planning to do more walking with some jogging mixed in. I've plotted out some routes through my neighborhood of 3 miles and 5 miles, which should burn about 300-600 calories if just walking, or about double if I mix in some jogging.

So, I'm going through a new period of learning how much to exercise, how much to diet, and how much junk food I can sneak away with.


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