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Diarrhea and Weight Loss

Weighed in this morning at 154 pounds, up three pounds from my last post Saturday morning.

I probably should have weighed in higher, but I got some kind of stomach virus over the weekend, and ended up with diarrhea.

Saturday I did fine, going out with some friends on a motorcycle ride, and having a grilled chicken salad, with salsa for dressing, and an iced tea. But that evening, the wife and I had dinner at a mexican restaurant, and I splurged on a plate of carnitas, rice and beans, guacamole and chips, and two margaritas.

It was Sunday that I caught a stomach bug. I went out on another motorcycle ride with some friends, and rode out to Brawley, and had a rib-eye steak at a place called "Brownie's". It came with a salad, roll, and potato, and I drank an iced-tea.

That evening my burps had that rotten egg flavor, that's how I knew I was in for trouble. But it didn't give me any problems just yet.

The next morning on Monday, I took a big dump and actually felt fine. It was if the stomach bug had no real effect. So I hopped on my motorcycle again, and hooked up with another friend and rode down to Stone Brewery in San Marcos. I had a few beers and ate lunch. Then we rode to a tavern for another beer.

And that's when it hit me.

That is, the pressure. I went to the restroom inside the tavern, and let go some serious runs. I actually felt good after that, very hungry in fact. So before riding home, I stopped at a chinese buffet.

Very bad decision! The food was bad. I had eaten there many times in the past, and always found it good, one of the better chinese buffets I had been to. But no more. It was very greasy, the rice was dried out, the noodles were mushy. It just had that bad quality to it.

But I was wrong thinking my diarrhea was over. As I rode back home, my stomach started feeling awful. I got home and rushed to the restroom, and unleashed another big run. And in fact, all night long I was suffering that all too painful, "burning-butt" diarrhea, and only was able to sleep for about a hour in between dumps.

I think the steak at Brownie's in Brawley made me sick, but I was able to tolerate it somewhat. But it was the chinese food last night that made it worse.

So as I write this on Tuesday morning, I still feel as if my guts have plenty of that runny material to release. It's going to be tough day today.


November 3, 2009 at 5:55 PM Anonymous said...

gross gross gross gross gross gross!

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