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Can't Diet in Death Valley

camping in death valleyWeighed in this morning at 155 pounds. No change from last Friday's post.

And that's a good thing because I ate and drank, ate and drank, all weekend long.

Some friends and I did a overnight camping trip to Death Valley on our motorcycles. You can see my photos posted here.

The only photo of me is the last one in the album, taken by friend, which came out blurry.

Omelette, potatoes, and biscuit and gravy. Cookies, trail mix, beef jerky, and beer for lunch. Pork Loin, four Louisiana Hot Links, six slices of roasted bacon for dinner. About four bottles of beer, a cup of whiskey & Coke, and a glass of wine for dessert. And that was just Saturday.

I won't go into Sunday because I'll just bore you with all the particulars.

But I didn't do any exercise the whole time. It was all motorcycle riding. If anything, exercise was setting up camp, and tearing down camp.

So how do I eat so much, exercise so little, but yet not gain any weight?

For one, there's the "mystery of motorcycle riding", where months ago I wrote that it magically burns calories. How does sitting on a motorcycle burn calories? All I know is that after a day of riding, I am in fact, tired. Both mentally and physically. It'd be nice if some motorcycle organization granted some money for scientists to conduct a study.

But second, I think my body is healthier, and therefore better capable of dropping weight. In the past few months, I've put more focus on eating fresh fruits and vegetables, and eating whole grains.

I've come to believe that all the pollutants we consume, in the form of food additives, artificial preservatives, and other man-made agents, fouls up the natural processes of our bodies, that our bodies have such a hard time maintaining themselves. Once we eat more fresh foods, natural foods, or foods made from fresh, organic ingredients, the body can eliminate better, manage itself better, and metabolise better.

Well so a new week starts. I'm shooting for dropping five pounds and getting myself to 150 by Saturday's weigh in.


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