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Trying to Lose 5 Pounds in 5 Days

Weighed in this morning at 156 pounds, which is up 2 pounds from my last blog entry Friday morning.

Like I said in that last blog entry, I had visited a friend of mine Friday night to change a tire on my motorcycle. He has a tire changer. I chugged down about 5 beers, and munched on some grapes, strawberries and tomatoes. And then on the way home, I stopped at an In-n-Out Burger and had a Double-Double with cheese. But earlier that day, my wife and I had lunch at a Sizzlers, and I had a spinach salad, with tomatoes and cucumbers, and some chicken soft tacos.

So all that eating and drinking pushed me up to 158 pounds when I weighed in Saturday morning. And Saturday my wife and I rode the motorcycle to San Diego to Shakespeare's Pub, which has the best fish-n-chips. Huge pieces of fish, and the best french fries, the thick cut kind, soft and oily. But that was all I had to eat.

Sunday morning I weighed in at 157 pounds. The wife and I drove to the San Diego Wild Animal Park. We did a lot of walking around the park, which accounted for some exercise. Afterwards, we ate at a Shogun teppanyaki restaurant, and I splurged on a combo New York Steak and Scallops, which came with fried rice, vegetables, and soup. I added a spicy tuna roll and a bloody mary. But that was all I ate that day.

And so today I'm now at 156 pounds.

Considering all I ate over the weekend, I'm pleased that I was able to only gain two pounds effectively.

So this week I'm planning to go on a power diet. I spent some time Saturday looking up various foods on the USDA Nutrient Database to figure out what fruits, vegetables, and meats have the lowest fat, lowest carbs, and highest fiber. I came up with tomatoes, blackberries, celery, and canned light tuna. I'm still sticking with my kefir and whole wheat tortilla in the morning, along with a couple cans of V8.

But I'm figuring with that diet, I'm looking at about 700-800 total calories each day. And then I'll be exercising.

My goal is to lose five pounds over the next five days, and hopefully weigh in next Saturday morning at 151 pounds.

Wish me luck.


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