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Tracking Your Weight Loss is Key

Weighed in this morning at 159 pounds, up 3 from Friday morning.

Friday I ended up at a friend's house, and had four beers, along with a plate of nachos, some grapes, and dried pineapple. We hung out until midnight, and then I went home. As it turned out, I gained 3 pounds from that when I weighed in Saturday morning.

On Saturday, the wife and I went to a buffet. I had slices of roast beef, topped with guacamole and roasted jalapenos. I also some potatoes, corn, tomatoes, and marinated artichokes. I drank Diet Coke. But that was all I had that day. Although, I did jog my 2-miles that morning. All in all, I didn't gain or lose weight that day.

While I was at my friend's house Friday night, we talked about weight loss. He had lost about 24 pounds over the past 6 months. He uses his iPhone to help him track his calories in and calories out. He has this app on the iPhone that let's him input what he has eaten, and how much exercise he's done, and it calculates the calories on everything. Then it tells him if he's on track to meeting his weight loss goal.

I mentioned to him that I kinda do the same thing with this blog, and my spreadsheet, though I don't calculate the calories in and out. Rather, I just weigh myself each morning to see if I'm meeting my goal. If it looks like I'm going to miss my goal, I try to adjust my exercises or switch to lower-calorie foods.

Either way, tracking one's weight loss progress is key. If you don't know you're on track or off track, then you won't know to adjust, and you won't know what's working and what isn't.

I mean, that's how I figured out beer really isn't that bad. It doesn't really add that much calories, assuming you're exercising daily. I could drink several beers one night, and witness a 3-4 pound weight gain the next morning, due to all the water. But in just one day of exercising, and pissing out all the water, I'd lose those 3-4 pounds. The point is that I only figured that out by tracking my progress daily.

At the very least, you just need a wall calendar placed next to your scale. Write down your weight every morning. Shoot for a weekly weight loss of 2 pounds, and a monthly weight loss of 8 pounds. I think that's pretty reasonable. As you watch your weight decrease or increase, you can strategize your exercises and dietary intake over the month.

So today, I'm thinking of staying home. I woke up with a runny nose, watery eyes, and coughing. I think that flu bug I shook off last week has managed to return. Either that or it's just allergies. Here in SoCal, the winds have started blowing.

I'm going load up on allergy meds, take a bath, and rest for awhile.


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