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Tailbone Hurts When I Sit

Weighed in this morning at 155 pounds, down one from yesterday.

Another beef jerky diet day yesterday, started off with a serving of kefir and a handful of almonds. For lunch I had 3oz of jerky. In the evening I had some sweet peppers, celery sticks, and a flour tortilla (plain). I dipped the peppers and celery into some chile sauce, and then washed it down with a V8. I also had a bottle of water and a bottle of Fruit2O.

I also did the full set of exercises, jogging, weight lifts, push-ups and sit-ups.

I blogged yesterday that it was raining and that I would be stuck indoors all day. However, the rain let up for a moment, and enough sunshine came through to dry up sidewalks, that I went jogging.

That tailbone of mine keeps getting in the way. When I sit, I can feel it, and eventually it bothers me. So, I have to put more weight on one butt cheek or the other, which means I'm not sitting up straight. I have the same problem sitting in the car, or on my motorcycle. I sometimes wonder if my tailbone is longer than normal people.

My wife complains about her tailbone too. She's been slowly losing weight over the past few weeks now.

I get the sense that there's a lot more people losing weight these days than ever before, and perhaps due to the high unemployment rate and bad economy. I personally know some people currently watching their diet, and they just happen to be in a weak financial position. And of course that's just bad for the food industry.


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