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Staying Disciplined in Weight Loss

Weighed in this morning at 157 pounds, up three pounds from Saturday's weigh in.

Saturday and Sunday I splurged on food.

I took the motorcycle out Saturday afternoon with some friends and we hit up The Beer Hunter in La Quinta. I had a chicken salad and two beers, but also had a piece of club sandwich that another guy couldn't finish. I had another beer later on after the ride. And that evening the wife and I went out for a steak dinner.

Sunday my wife and I went to Onami in Escondido for some sushi and sashimi. Afterwards we went looking around for a new motorcycle tire but couldn't find a store that had one the size I needed. Then we stopped for some frozen yogurt.

The closer I get to my weight loss goal of 150 pounds, the more I feel encouraged to relax and enjoy food. I really need to stick to discipline.

What also encourages me is that my wife and I recently paid off some debts, so now we have some money to spend. Having to save money actually helped me lose weight.

It's also getting quite cold here in SoCal the closer we get to winter. I go out jogging in the morning, and temps feel like they're in the 50s. My hands and legs get cold.


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