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Starting My Diet Plan Over Again

Weighed in this morning at 156 pounds.

So on Saturday and Sunday, the binging continued. But I was able to mitigate the impact.

Saturday I went motorcycle riding. We stopped at J.J. Purdy Landry's in Fallbrook, CA, an irish pub. I had a salmon salad and Diet Coke. Afterwards, I stopped at a friend's house, and we BBQ'd some rib eye steaks, bell peppers, garlic bread, and drank a few beers. It sounds like a lot of food, but calorie-wise, only the garlic bread was truly sinful, everything else either low-fat or low-carb.

As a result, I actually lost a pound all day Saturday, weighing in Sunday morning at 155 pounds. I can't help but wonder that the magic of motorcycle riding, once again, helped me lose weight.

But Sunday was a different story. I attended a birthday party, and drank about five beers, several tortilla chips, several deviled eggs, three bratwurst, and two burger patties. I also had some potato salad later in the evening. I was stuffed.

But when I weighed in this morning, I only gained a pound from it all, weighing in at 156 pounds. I think what helped is that I took a big dump before I weighed myself.

So this week I'm going to continue with the same dieting plan that I was using under my "power diet challenge", except I won't attempt to do four or five days straight on it. I'm going to break out on Wednesday and enjoy some finer food.


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