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Slowly Reaching My Weight Loss Goal

Weighed in this morning at 154 pounds, down one from yesterday.

I started yesterday with a serving of kefir, and then not too long after my wife asked if we could go out for lunch. So, I had my usual salad bar, starting with a spinach salad consisting of tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumbers, and topped with salsa. Then I had some chicken soft tacos with guacamole, olives, and jalapenos. I drank down only one glass of iced tea.

That evening I ate the rest of the strawberries, and had some almonds too.

I tried exercising yesterday, doing my usual two-mile jog, but I didn't get far. I just didn't have the attitude. My body felt fine, but my mind wasn't into it. I think I only did about a half-mile, and then walked back home.

I'm starting to think more about getting a membership at a gym. I know I'm doing exercises at home, but wondered if I could do better with all the equipment at a gym. We finally got some debts paid off this month and we're in a better financial position. But I guess I'm in no hurry right now.


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