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Riding Motorcycles Helps You Lose Weight

Weighed in at 155 pounds this morning. No change from yesterday.

Yesterday, after blogging about how I've cut back on eating meat, and eating more fruits and vegetables, I decided to jump on my motorcycle and find a mexican restaurant. I ended up having carnitas, with corn tortillas, rice, beans, chips, and salsa. I had a few glasses of Diet Coke. Later that evening, I snacked on some celery and sweet peppers.

I thought for sure I was going to gain a couple pounds from it, but somehow I managed to not gain anything.

There seems to be a mystery in riding motorcycles and weight loss. I wrote about this in an earlier post, that riding motorcycles somehow causes you to burn calories more quickly. I've heard that riding motocross is actually the second most physically demanding sport in the world, second only to soccer. But then again, riding street motorcycles is hardly as demanding as motocross. But on the other hand, they still both involve motorcycles, so somehow there's a correlation.

But what I can tell you about riding motorcycles, is that it requires a lot of concentration. You have to be on your toes at all times, simply because car drivers don't know what the Hell they're doing, and they can't see crap. Perhaps the mental energy alone in motorcycling is what causes the calories to come off more quickly.

As for today, the wife wants to go out for lunch, so I'm taking her out. Probably just find some place with a salad bar.


January 7, 2010 at 7:17 PM Anonymous said...

Steve, just a side note I noticed I'm burning 5.5 Cal per minute riding my motorcycle (2009 R1), i.e. about 330 calories in total. I used by Body Bugg to measure the calories burned. I'm just as surprized as you.

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