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Remembering My College Days

Weighed in this morning at 155 pounds, down 1 pound from yesterday.

I started yesterday morning with a serving a kefir and a handful of almonds. For lunch, I ate a pound of grapes and drank a can of V8. Later on in the evening I had 2oz of beef jerky and drank another can of V8. Throughout the day I had two bottles of water, and a bottle of Fruit2O.

Yesterday, the winds stopped blowing which made my allergies disappear. I felt good enough to go jogging in the afternoon, and did my two-miles. I also did some push-ups, sit-ups, and leg-exercises with weights.

That evening my wife and I visited the grocery store, and I spent my time going through the produce section looking for lunch and dinner for the next few days. I picked up some strawberries, some bell peppers, celery, some salsa, and avocados. I figure I'll work in some beef jerky too.

It's a major change of eating habits for me to buy up all this rabbit food. What's more funny is that I actually like this stuff. Well, the truth is that I've always liked fruits and vegetables, but I've always liked meat better. But I'm happy about being slim again, I feel like my old self, from back in the college days.

We can't truly be young again, but I'm still the same person that I was when I was 21. My body may be 43 now, but I'm close to being back to the same weight I was when I was 21. It almost feels as if I'm back to being 21, except I'm not as dumb. If you were skinny in college, and are now overweight, it's worth going through a weight-loss program just to feel that same way again.


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