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Mission Tortillas Carb Balance - Tons of Fiber

mission tortillas carb balanceWeighed in this morning at 154 pounds, no change from yesterday.

No beef jerky yesterday. I started out as usual with a serving of kefir and a handful of almonds. My internet access at home died, so I went to a Starbucks instead. I had a package of raspberries (about 12oz), and a iced green tea. Later on in the evening I had a four medium sized tomatoes, and six sweet peppers, and a whole wheat tortilla. I also did my full set of exercises, jogging, sit-ups, push-ups, and weight lifts.

That whole wheat tortilla I had was from Mission Foods, which makes a whole wheat version called "Carb Balance". Each tortilla contains 21g of fiber, which equates to 84% of the daily recommended allowance. But each tortilla also contains 200 calories, 45 of which comes from fat. But I'm going to give these things a try and eat one every morning as my breakfast. That combined with the serving of kefir and the handful of almonds, I'll have more than 100% of the RDA for fiber just in that meal.

As far as the taste is concerned, it's not bad at all. It's softer than a typical flour tortilla, even after refrigerated it's still rather soft. I eat it plain without anything on it. After eating all these fresh fruits and vegetables, it's actually a welcome addition to my daily intake.

From what I've been reading, the fiber is supposed to bind up some of the carbs and fat from the other foods I eat, and thereby prevents some of those calories from being absorbed into the body. Hopefully these Mission Tortillas "Carb Balance" will do something for me.

Well today being Friday, I'm supposed to visit a friend and hang out over some beer and munchies. I'm going to bring up some beer, along with some grapes to eat. Last time I went up there to hang out, I ended up eating a plate of nachos with melted Velveeta cheese. Not this time!


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